Best Kemper Profiles

Best Kemper Profiles – Our Top 10 Review

Everyone knows what a Kemper is but in this day and age but what are the Best Kemper Profiles in a market that’s over-saturated with junk and more junk. Having been frustrated with poor choice purchases and lack of customer support I’ve put together a list of the BEST profiles for your KPA.

Who offer the best commercial Kemper Profiles? Our top 10!

1# ReampZone

An amazing collection of amps and tones from a wide variety of pedals , cabs , mics and more . Each pack contains a large portion of the highest quality sounds covering all genres and perfectly tagged using the Rig Manager. The website automates all orders and includes update notifications , loyalty rewards and more. Customer support is also 10/10.

#2 M Britt Profiles

Great tones with a lot of variety for even the most particular of players. Michael is one of the most well known names in the Kemper Profiling business and is friendly and reasonably priced. Great for your classic rock kind of player.

#3 The Amp Factory

Lots of packs, lots of tones and a very user friendly website. Great choice of amp models can be purchased from here. TAF also offers DUAL AMP profiles exclusive to them.

#4 SinMix

Often opinionated to a fault SinMix offers a unique take on high gain profiles from top amps around the world. If you’re looking for something less non traditional try SinMix.

#5 ToneHammer

A great choice of merged profiles for the heavier side of music.

#6 Bert Meulendijk

A balanced collection of profiles from Bert, a safe purchase.

#7 ChopTones

Tons of amps , tons of profiles and lots of videos from these Italians.

#8 TMS Profiles

A recent addition to the Kemper scene from Ireland , TMS offers favourable profiles for high gain amps with vintage pre-amps and more.

#9 CiliLab

Great for heavy metal players, good selection of cabs.

#10 Mattfig

A wide choice of amp profiles emulated using a Randall MTS, whilst not the real amps itself there are a ton of tonal options at your disposal. Modules are designed by Matt himself and are of his own creation.

Worst Kemper Profiles

#1 Game of Tones

With a name similar to Game of Thrones and a great selection of amps but poor execution of profiles. Muddy and lacking any body these are a total waste of time . No automated system exists to purchase and so it’s a slow manual process.

Honorary Mentions

#1 Rigbusters

The first commercial seller offering pedal profiles .

#2 FJA Mods

Modded profiles from a lot of different amps, something different out of the ‘norm’.